2014 Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Awards
28 May 2014 | Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand



Q: How do I nominate my company?
A: Nominations are not open to companies/individuals for self-nomination. Companies are selected strictly by Frost & Sullivan's analyst team, following a rigorous measurement based methodology to select leading companies in various Malaysian market segments.
Q: How can I participate as an attendee to the Awards banquet if my company is not an award recipient?
A: The Awards banquet is open to all industry participants. If you would like to attend, contact us
Q: How does Frost & Sullivan deal with confidentiality issues especially when a short-listed company shares confidential information for Frost & Sullivan to prepare its evaluation on each company?
A: Frost & Sullivan takes every precaution that the information supplied by companies is kept confidential at all times. Frost & Sullivan will not use information gathered for the Awards for publication without prior consent from each company.

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